An Amatriciana to support reconstruction. Even restaurant owners do their best in solidarity: throughout the entire Italian territory and on a day at their discretion, in the week between September 12th and 18th, they will offer a dish of amatriciana for reconstruction.

All customers who will order the dish that day, will indirectly help support the restart of enterprises of the affected areas: the amount paid will be donated entirely by restaurateurs for the reconstruction and to support the restaurant, trade and tourist activities within the municipalities of Amatrice, Accumuli, Arquata del Tronto and Pescara del Tronto.

The initiative is open to all restaurateurs in Italy and abroad.


How to adhere to “Amatriciana for Amatrice”

“Amatriciana for Amatrice” is a solidarity initiative open to all restaurant owners, in Italy and abroad.

Joining is extremely simple: just send an e-mail with your company name, address and contact numbers to

You will promptly be contacted by our volunteers, who will send you the poster in high resolution and the material relating to the application procedure. To the participating restaurateurs Confesercenti has made available a bank account (IBAN IT 23A 03127 03200 000 000 015 000), registered in the name of Confesercenti, which will un-disclose the amounts collected and will send reconstruction resources for the business activities of the area affected by the earthquake.


The earthquake of August 24th

Wednesday, August 24th: a date that will sadly be remembered for the earthquake of magnitude 6, with epicentre in Accumoli, within the province of Rieti, which destroyed entire towns such as Pescara del Tronto and Amatrice, breaking 241 lives. Unfortunately this toll is still provisional.

Lives, houses, businesses were destroyed in a few moments, not only for those who were born and lived in these territories, but also for those who were forced to move and returned for a family holiday, or just for curious tourists enjoying a nice plate of Amatriciana in those places that were once so beautiful. Indeed, Saturday 27th was due to begin the 50th edition of the Amatriciana Spaghetti Festival (Sagra degli Spaghetti all’Amatriciana) in the famous Hotel Roma, the temple of this delicious dish which has now collapsed under the fury of the devastating earthquake.

The earthquake came four years after the one in Emilia Romagna which claimed 27 lives and seven years from that of Aquila (309 deaths), fearing it will lead to worse results than the latter.

Pasta all’Amatriciana

It is the symbol of Amatrice and one of the most famous Italian recipes in the world, it is a dish with a strong identity, such as it may almost be associated to “wine” for its strong territorial expression. The recipe has humble shepherd’s origins and is based on guanciale Amatriciano (peppered, slightly smoked cured pork cheek heavily rippled with fat) and pecorino cheese. Over time, Amatriciana was also identified as the first typical Roman dish and more in general coming from the region of Lazio, especially in the 19th Century with the migration process towards the city. The dressing was prepared by shepherds with ingredients they found during the transhumance: guanciale and pecorino cheese, that are still produced in Amatrice. In ancient times Amatriciana was white, but after tomato was discovered and imported from America, the red version was created.

The promoters of the initiative

The initiative “Amatriciana for Amatrice” (#UnAmatricianaPerAmatrice) is a solidarity project promoted by the entrepreneurs of Confesercenti in cooperation with the National Association Città del vino, which groups together the municipalities of our country with a strong Food and Wine tradition.

Confesercenti. Confesercenti is a business association that brings together small and medium Italian trade, tourism and service enterprises. It counts for over 350,000 Italian associated enterprises, with approximately 1 million people employed. It is divided in 70 professional federations, 20 regional offices, 120 provincial offices and over 1,000 local offices and branches. It is the company signing, on the employers behalf, numerous national collective agreements, including those of Service, Distribution and Service and Tourism sectors.

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Città del Vino. The National Association Città del Vino, founded in Siena on March 21st 1987, groups together approximately 450 Italian municipalities with a strong Food and Wine tradition. It is present in all Italian regions and works to promote and enhance wine territories by means of regional marketing projects, wine tourism, environmental and urban quality. The Association is also a member of Recevin, the Network of European Wine Cities.

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